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Cast List

MATTHEW ASHFORD as Detective Cagney McCleary
DOMINI BLYTHE as Estelle Kendall
SUSAN CAREY-LAMB as Adair McCleary
TERI EOFF as Suzi Martin-Wyatt-McCleary
ANN FLOOD as Ella Hobbs
DAVID FORSYTH as Hogan McCleary
LOUAN GIDEON as Liza Walton-Kendall
ANITA GILLETTE as Wilma Holliday
LEE GODART as Bela Garody
JOANNA GOING as Evie Stone-Henderson-McCleary
LARRY HAINES as Stuart “Stu” Bergman
MARY JO KEENAN as Katrina “Kat” Fitzgerald-McCleary
JANE KRAKOWSKI as Rebecca “T.R.” Kendall
TIM LOUGHLIN as Jerry Henderson
MARCIA McCABE as Sunny McClure-Adamson-Garody
MAEVE McGUIRE as Kate McCleary
JEFFREY MEEK as Quinn McCleary
WILLIAM PRINCE as Judge Jerimiah Henderson
ROBERT REED as Lloyd Kendall
JACQUELINE SCHULTZ as Patti Gardner-Whitting-McCleary
MARY STUART as Joanne “Jo” Gardner-Barron-Tate-Vincente-Tourneur

mini mural with Evie and Cagney standing on porch looking serious; Hogan and Patti sitting in front of Christmas tree smiling; Quinn and Kat standing on shop deck looking intent

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Search For Tomorrow is the property of Proctor & Gamble Productions (PGP). It aired on NBC (earlier years it aired CBS).